Finchley Racing Team (FRT) group rides are intended for disciplined cyclists who are actively racing or keen to be introduced to racing. All riders should have already acquired the necessary bike handling skills and road awareness for close-quarters riding. FRT also respectfully ask all riders to be covered by some sort of third-party liability insurance, such as that provided by membership of BC (minimum level, ‘Silver’), LVRC or CTC.

When attendance exceeds 12 or so people the ride may be re-formed into two or more groups, with the split being based on distance and/or intensity. Riders are asked to put their egos aside at all times and ride with their group at a level that suits the group, whilst doing regular turns at the front.

As a courtesy to others in foul weather, and in any event from 1st November to end February, we require all riders to fit full-length mudguards with an extended rear mud-flap. In this way a group can stay compact and relatively dry even in the wettest conditions.

Whether you are a club member or a visitor, please respect the ride leader’s decision on group rides. Saturday & Sunday rides will finish at the Ambra in Whetstone, where riders can catch-up on gossip and discuss the ride.

Few punctures are instant affairs, please inspect your tyres for embedded debris and remove it before joining an FRT ride. Bring a spare inner-tube, tyre levers, pump, chain quick-link and Allen keys in case of punctures and mechanicals. Lubricate components that squeak. Note that Sunday rides are roughly 4-hours/70-miles long and ridden at a consistent brisk tempo and without stopping, so be sure to bring enough to drink, and bring food that can be eaten (and unwrapped if necessary) on the move. Weather conditions can change a lot in four hours; the clothing you wear or carry with you should allow for this.

Do not gesticulate to other road users, even if they have behaved inappropriately – let the incident pass so that the whole group can keep moving. Around horses, slow down and give them a wide berth. Do not crowd around cars at junctions – think of the whole group and not just of yourself. Finally, if the pace is too hot for you and you are going to drop off and continue more slowly, tell the riders ahead of you what you are planning, instead of disappearing and giving concern to the whole group.